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Brooke's Point Coco Product Producers Cooperative


Brooke’s Point Coco Product Producers Cooperative, or BPCPPC, is a community-based social enterprise composed of farmers from the indigenous Pala’wan tribe, most of whom live below the food threshold.

Brooke's Point Coco Product Producers Cooperative

Three years since its founding, the cooperative mainly focused on producing and manufacturing virgin coconut oil (VCO).

As such, the CFSED project intends to upgrade the cooperative so that it becomes a significant source of income for Brooke’s Point’s larger community, and a stronger deterrent against mining and other destructive activities. In particular, SEARCH is assisting BPCPPC in developing new coconut by-products such as flour, vinegar, aminos, and hair serum. The project also seeks to improve the efficiency and productivity of BPCPPC’s operation so as to minimize costs and maximize income for cooperative members.

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